Kalkhoff Endeavour Installation

What the client needed

The client wanted to showcase the wide range and possible combinations of the Kalkhoff e-Bike series “Endeavour Belt” at RideOn Trade Show 2018.

The main challenge: to connect a reatlime configurator to a massive video wall – without any delays or loss of image quality.

Idea & Concept, Film Production, 3D Production, Video Installation, Programming, Screen Design

Multitouch App for Gesture Control

The configurator was generated using Unity3D. We edited the bike’s CAD data and developed a user interface for the configurator. The video wall, which consisted of six 55” displays, was operated via an infrared laser scanner, which we programmed for this purpose. We assembled all of the hardware to ensure a smooth 6K stream.

Here’s the interactive installation:

State of E-Art

Product Movie: Kalkhoff “Integrale” / Impulse EVO RS

We also designed and developed a product movie for the RideOn Trade Show 2018. Our job was to showcase and explain all technical components of the new Kalkhoff “Integrale” e-Bike.

Here’s the clip: